Rock-solid industry standing allows Rise Capital to guarantee its performance and obligations to project owners.

Certainty is assured on even the largest capital projects.

Risk management in construction is designed to plan, monitor and control those measures needed to prevent exposure to risk. To do this it is necessary to identify the hazard, assess the extent of the risk, provide measures to control the risk and manage any residual risks. Rise Capital’s Risk Management department is the liaison between insurance claims that occur and the company’s sureties – brokers and carriers that guarantee Rise Capital’s performance and obligations to the project owners.

We’re able to manage risk for all involved on our projects.

Rise Capital has a strong relationship with its sureties and brokers based on its history, the diversity of projects it has managed, and the company’s financial stability. The strength of that relationships, in turn, enables Rise Capital to offer a master builder’s risk program that offers clients lower insurance rates than they would typically be able to obtain on their own. Taken together, these relationships with insurance companies provide project owners assurance that their investment will be safe.