We build partnerships and help clients achieve exceptional business results.

Make your built environment a catalyst for growth and change.

You need a strategic partner and trusted advisor that understands the built environment. Our people have in-depth expertise in all aspects of planning, design, construction and operations, and combine traditional practices with new technology to create exceptional solutions for complex challenges.

We help you achieve organizational goals.

Our consultants are long-term strategists who embrace client objectives as their own. We share insights and observations openly, demonstrating our leadership within the industry and our value to clients. Our experts help maximize people, procedures, technology, and infrastructure. Rise Capital brings an integrated approach to professional consulting that unites your objectives with our human capital to achieve your goals.

Save time, save money and mitigate risk by utilizing effective, data-driven solutions to make evidence-based decisions.

Advances in technology allow manufacturers to see into the future. Clients can determine the impacts of a new packaging line on overall output, train operations staff on new equipment before it’s installed, or find ways within existing systems to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – all without interrupting current production or making a significant investment in an unproven solution.

Our Healthcare experts align facilities and operations to produce optimal results.

The Facility Planning team at Catalyst, a Rise Capital, translates clients’ vision and mission into physical environments that support efficient operations and the optimal patient experience. Our Facility Operations team creates sustainable, organization-wide change through alignment, collaboration and innovative strategies and solutions that allow transformation from within. We help reduce the variables influencing the cost of patient care delivery.

We ensure that operations are designed, modeled and implemented with business in mind.

Our consultants have deep experience in executing the design and construction of manufacturing operations. Not only do we understand the business of manufacturing, but we have also lived on the shop floor. We specialize in optimizing capital deployment, maximizing labor productivity, enhancing overall system efficiency and reliability, and minimizing waste. Whether measuring and assessing specific equipment needs or line effectiveness, our goal is to ensure strategic and tactical implementation that delivers success.